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Who Decides What is AMAZING?

This was an amazing year in the skies and here on earth.

We earthlings experienced Covid, lock downs, masks, isolation, wild politics


The heavens showcased the magical conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in our universe.

Astronomers on every continent went wild. We sky watchers were in awe, even with

only binoculars to expand our view of the great meeting of the planets, the closest

they have been in 800 years. And on Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice.

Pause a moment and think of your words to describe these two events you have lived through.

How can you explain this to your great grandchildren? What words capture the essence of

these diverse experiences? It is difficult to find words in my vocabulary that adequately

describe my mixed emotions. How are you experiencing these events that will be in the history

books of the future? How do you answer children and grandchildren's questions about how

changed their lives will be? Or how fearful they are that their "normal" may be gone and replaced

with a new reality of masks, distancing, less adventuring?

How do we describe the real awesomeness of the night sky when we saw the planets get close? We

were at the bay shore, celebrating the Solstice ( another story for another time - my husband's twice

yearly command performance) and stayed to try and see the planet's connection. Luckily I always have binoculars in my car so we had a bit better view than the naked eye. We were like the astronomers with

powerful telescopes, "did you see it?" "Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful". "Think this is what the Magi saw?" "Hope the kids see this."

In retrospect, I think this is a chance for me to share my life experiences with my kids and grandkids and future generations. My 2020 journal/ sketch book has become a history of how we endeavor to live our

lives amid a pandemic. Who would guess we'd become Amazon experts? or order groceries delivered? or

greet friends from our porch as they stand on the sidewalk? or experience a Presidential election like no other? It is easy to draw or collage what we miss but I am trying to share what has also exposed itself to us - like the magic of looking at the sky early morning and late at night, freeways with no traffic, empty city buses, more baking. Big things and little things.

Maybe this is another way we can share our story with those we love. It's messy. It's confusing. It certainly isn't over. And in the end my small book may end up in the recycle bin. However, it will offer

another glimpse of who I am and how I cope with all the grand and horrid events my life has encountered.

What are you doing to expand your LAST GIFT BOX

to include YOUR story.

It is the best gift you can give!


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