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I am Tina Cole Kreitz and I am here to help anyone who is going to die. Oh, I help all of you get your life in order and guide you as you decide how you wish to die, where you wish to die and how you want to be remembered.  This is challenging work but doable with The Last Gift Box, Your Present To Those Who Follow You, the book I wrote.  If you don't make decisions now, while you can , I know from the experience of being part of six friends' deaths in our 40's, you can not expect family and friends to know what YOU want.  I am your guide, your support. 

It is my mission to help you avoid the confusion, fear, anger, disbelief I felt when our friends died.  I want you to die free of fear and in peace, content, knowing you gave your loved ones the best Last Gift.

the woman , known to her family and friends as "the Tupperware Woman of Death",  all due to her belief in "snapping the lid closed on our fear of death".  And she does it with compassion and humor.


The Last Gift Box is your guide to decide how you wish to live and die, how to organize your papers, make medical decisions and how you would like to be remembered. Tina is your guide and support in this process through her words and humor in The Last Gift Box


Once you have begun the process of planning your Last Gift, attend a workshop to learn tricks to gettting the work done, meet others committed to completing their gift and share how best to communicate your wishes to your family and friends.

Working with Tina by attending workshops in person or on-line is one way to stay motivated.

And don't forget, you can Zoom with Tina and other Gifters on Tuesday mornings.  Email Tina for the link.

After presenting to Retired educators, Tina received this note sent to the program chair -

...On another note, wow! Tina was just wonderful and "spot-on", with what she presented. She  has done so much thinking through all of this and was able to present it with humor and compassion. Well, we knew she would!  Great recommendation.  Thank you so much.  

I bought the book.  My obituary will have a paragraph devoted to how I grow tomatoes.    Linda

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Tina Cole Kreitz


Tina Cole Kreitz was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Tina comes from a family of story tellers.  From playwrights to poets to her mother's wonderful tales of the wee people living in the bookcase, stories have always been a part of her life.


She knows many authors' dreams of writing begin when they are young and she would like to foster that love of writing and creativity in the children she meets. 

However, it was the events in her early 40's that changed her direction in retirement.  When her 6 close friends died, in a 6 month period and they were all her age, she was jolted to a new reality.  Death is not only for the old.  If her friends could die young without letting their families know exactly what they wanted in death, so could she.  Her family would suffer as theirs did.  So, in retirement Tina decided to take action and create The Last Gift Box .  It is now her mission to motivate others to get their desires written down.


Tina grew up in the Piedmont and after getting married moved to Alameda to raise her family with her husband, Bob.

Tina earned a BA degree in Sociology from the University of San Francisco.  

Tina earned a MA in Clinical Psychology from JFK University.

When she graduated from USF, Tina spent a year working in Germany and traveling in Europe.  Upon her return, she began her life-long career in education.  Tina co-founded and co-directed one of California’s first teen-parenting programs in Alameda, California. This award winning and progressive program included an on-site childcare center and helped teenage mothers and fathers learn parenting skills while staying on track to graduate from high school.


She received many awards including a proclamation from the California State Assembly and was named to the California Woman’s Hall of Fame in Education.

Retirement opened the door to new adventures in writing.

Tina writes children's books for her grandchildren but The Last Gift Box is her passion.  

Tina is determined to keep her book priced so people can afford it and do the work. 

She also provides her workshops to nonprofits, Senior Centers and churches at reduced or free rates.

Tina's mother was her inspiration for The Last Gift Box.  Her mother shared her desires for how she wished to live, what special items she wanted her children to have and how she wished to die and be remembered.  At 99, her mom is still Tina's inspiration and mentor.


Tina is sharing  The Last Gift Box with her children and grandchildren,

modeling for them what she hopes all adults will do.

Take time for yourself.  Pause.  Ponder.  What do YOU Want?  Who have you told?  

90% of us want to die at home.  85% of us die in an ICU's or nursing homes. 

Tell people what you want and have an advocate.

That's what Tina daily encourages people to do.