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Tina Cole Kreitz

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I am Tina Cole Kreitz and I am here to help anyone who is going to die. Oh, I help all of you get your life in order and guide you as you decide how you wish to die, where you wish to die and how you want to be remembered.  This is challenging work but doable with The Last Gift Box, Your Present To Those Who Follow You, the book I wrote.


If you don't make decisions now, while you can , I know from the experience of being part of six friends' deaths in our 40's, you can not expect family and friends to know what YOU want.


I am your guide, your support. 

It is my mission to help you avoid the confusion, fear, anger, disbelief I felt when our friends died.  I want you to die free of fear and in peace, content, knowing you gave your loved ones the best Last Gift.

the woman , known to her family and friends as "the Tupperware Woman of Death",  all due to her belief in "snapping the lid closed on our fear of death".  And she does it with compassion and humor.


The Last Gift Box is your guide to decide how you wish to live and die, how to organize your papers, make medical decisions and how you would like to be remembered. Tina is your guide and support in this process through her words and humor in The Last Gift Box


Once you have begun the process of planning your Last Gift, attend a workshop to learn tricks to gettting the work done, meet others committed to completing their gift and share how best to communicate your wishes to your family and friends.

Working with Tina by attending workshops in person or on-line is one way to stay motivated.

After presenting to Retired educators, Tina received this note sent to the program chair -

...On another note, wow! Tina was just wonderful and "spot-on", with what she presented. She  has done so much thinking through all of this and was able to present it with humor and compassion. Well, we knew she would!  Great recommendation.  Thank you so much.  

I bought the book.  My obituary will have a paragraph devoted to how I grow tomatoes.    Linda

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