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Expectations are alive and well.  We each have expectations of what we will be, accomplish, create.

Sometimes, if miracles are working, it all will be fulfilled as expected.

Most likely there will be bumps and curves and dips including disappointments and re-evaluations of the plan.  That is real life, not our fantasy.  How we adapt to the unexpected event or loss or disappointment is up to us.

I have also noticed my expectations get influenced by others expectations of me.  They seem to know me better than I know me and have detailed plans of what I am to do.

I have learned to receive all the ideas, comments, expectations of others with a nod and mental message to me that the intention is good: the execution is horrid.

I need to find my voice and acknowledge I receive your idea, I appreciate you for being my friend and allowing me to find my way (not yours).

Release others expectations.

Receive others support.

And Be True to YOU.

Makenzie and her great grandmother follow their dreams.


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