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I deeply believe in THE LAST GIFT BOX and the work involved in completing our PRESENT TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW US. I have heard from so many folks who attended the workshops and bought the book that it really does support them as they struggle to get their papers in order and make the difficult decisions concerning the end of life best choices for them.

THEN - my husband died.

We all know we are going to die but as is said by many, none of us think it will happen to us until we are really, really old and have completed our list of dreams. Well, reality bites. Bob was never to be the first of our friends to die. Even with his very uniqe disease he was living life fully, traveling, playing with grandchildren and staying active. Then he wasn't.

We were told he would live 3-7 days and two and a half months later he died quietly at home.

During those last long days the blessing was we , our kids and I, were all on the same page, knowing what Bob wanted, what we arranged earlier, where the paperwork was, who to contact and how to navigate the months ahead.

The Gift Box was our guide. The doctors commented that they have never been with a family that was so aware and clear on what the patient wanted and the family agreed was the correct way forward.

We proved how important it is to have discussions and get clarity with all the people who will be involved with your end of life decisons, where the leagal papers are and the checking account and car keys are stored!

I am sad that this is how I had to prove THE LAST GIFT BOX is your best gift, BUT IT IS.

Please contact me with your experiences and what you realize you wish you knew or discussed prior to dealing with a death in your family.

I have realized The Last Gift Box could be massive - but as is, it is a solid guide.

Those newly experienced bits and pieces related to death and dying are what I add into my workshops now.

And this helps me introduce the reality of life after death - not an easy topic to explore but another reality to face.

I appreciate all the support I have received as I continure to live my one wonderful life.


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