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What do I want to spend my energy on?  Sit and think.

Is it exercise, friends, grandchildren, photography, creativity?

What do I spend energy on?  


Things I cannot control

Past events

Sit and think.  Just BE - for 10 minutes pondering each question.

Take one at a time.

Just list words, answers, no editing.

After exhausting your lists sit for three minutes and BE STILL.

Reread your wants.  Pick. 4.

Reread energy zappers.   Pick 4.

What steps do you/me need to take to begin to fulfill our wants?

What steps do you/me need to remove the entry zappers that  you and I have no control over?

Schedule a 10 minute time each day.   Write it in you calendar , schedule on your phone with an  alarm, post it.  That is the energy zapper time you have.

Schedule 20 minutes three times a week for what you WANT to do.

Have a check in buddy.

No cheating.

This is as important as cooking dinner, texting the kids, driving car pool.

This is your JOY and sanity.


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