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“Promise me you’ll always remember

You’re braver than you believe

and stronger than you seem

And smarter than you think.”

Christopher Robin to Pooh

And me to you.

Winnie the Pooh was my mother’s favorite collection of stories to read to us.  She was so enchanted with it my dad even presented her with a copy in Latin!   There is a tenderness, deep connection, understanding of another’s feelings and a variety of characters one of whom has to match you - my - personality.

I deeply believe in these words of Christopher Robin.

However, at this point in my life, with my husband dying 6 months ago and 6 more friends dying in those 6 months, I am challenged.

I am brave.  I have been strong. BUT I am ready to pop the next person in the nose who tells me how strong I am, how brave I am.  I get up and keep going.

Really?  You have no idea.  

Any of you who have faced medical or life challenges know there are days that making it out of bed takes an act of courage .  Yet that day, as we go about our day, we present a strong person.  We have made a choice.  To get up.  To be braver then we think we can be.

I like Christopher Robin.  However, I would like to encourage those of us who are hurting, lonely, frustrated to sometimes be honest about that feeling.  Reveal our vulnerability.  That alone will help another, possibly open the conversation for them to share their sadness and not feel so alone.

It may be your smile to me as we wait in line at the coffee shop that opens both of us to begin a conversation.

Could be you offering to help me lift my case of bottle water at Costco.

Your smile and good morning as I walk the path in the hills.

Someone recognizes I am alive.

It is usually the little comments or looks that make big differences.  

And it costs nothing.


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