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“When I die that ain’t the time I’m going to start getting choosey.

They can lay me in the nearest spot.

When I pass from this world I’ll be considerate of them that stay in it.”

Flannery O’Connor, Judgement Day

I have been trying to be comfortable with the decisions I made for my cemetery care and burial. What a money making decision this has become! I always say “Don’t be poor and die.” That sounds callous but it is reality.

You pay thousands for the “simple” cremation plan including picking up the body (me), cremation (my choice), opening the grave, putting the box/urn in (you get a break here as you can supply your own urn), or casket (Costco sells them now - another sign this is BIG business). Next we have the Funeral / Cemetery plan including paying for your rental of the land that you will rest in.

It quickly becomes a Saturday Night Live skit before we die, when we can see and feel the absurdity of it all.

Now image you die and your dear children are left to deal with this and have no idea what, when, where, who, how it is to be done - or what YOU want. The expense will stop them cold. Emotions are raw. They will want the best (meaning most expensive) for Mom or Dad because they want to honor you. And you will be ready to resurrect from the dead to tell them that is ridiculous. Only they can’t see or hear or feel you.

This is not to deny the solemnity of the funeral and cremation or burial events. It is to get us all to think NOW, while we have our wits about us, about what we do want.

And how it is to be carried out.

I suggest reading Chapter 12 and 14 in The Last Gift Box and fill in the forms that correspond to those chapters. Make copies of your forms and share them with your family.

Then go enjoy the day knowing you have made a giant step to support your children and family when you die.

Please let me know how you plan your exit. I know others have ideas and experiences about this that will help us be clear and settled in our choices. Together we have vast knowledge - let's share it.

Email me any informatiion that you have found to be helpful.



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