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If you’re a “Gifter” (owner of THE LAST GIFT BOX) you may have noticed I’ve been under a rock for a bit. It’s the unexpected that got me.

I have added a few more titles after my name, none providing formal initials or more income! I am a dialysis provider in our home to my husband, actually inserting two needles in his arm, attaching him to the machine that leans his blood and responding to all emergency issues that arise - retired! I did this for two years until I realized I was becoming a nervous wreck. I chose not to go to medical school and this was way beyond my pay grade.

This also created the “opportunity” for me to be a care giver, support service, to the one I love. No education or advanced degrees prepare a spouse for this role. It’s a mix fo blessings of friend, lover, medical provider and humorist. This experience let to my newest tile - facilitator of a support/ education group for care givers titled DOCTORS DON’T TELL YOU EVERYTHING.

That's no joke! Participants from across the country are sharing their tricks and experiences in navigating various medical systems, doctor’s assumptions, office staff scheduling roles and the patient’s needs. We meet over zoom once a week and if you would like to join us, email me.

The message continues - expect the unexpected, regroup, get out of bed and find joy in something each day.

THE LAST GIFT BOX is my guide. With the work completed, I am prepared for the emergency, the curve in the road I travel, secure in knowing where the information I need is. I certainly don’t remember all the medical details, doctors’ titles

and phone numbers, who to contact. Having THE GIFT BOX FORMS filled out, updated and securely stored gives me confidence I can continue to live my one wonderful life with clarity and love.

Check the Spring and summer workshops. They will support and motivate you to begin AND complete your LAST GIFT.

My plan, in pencil, is to share with your each week.




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