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TRUTH OR DARE --- You decide.

This is for you if you have trouble throwing things out -

or deciding who should help you

sort things -

or who should receive your treasures.

For 4 weeks we will work together to get your house in order!

This class is open to 8 people who will meet together with me for 4 weeks in person or over zoom.

You will learn how to methodically go through your house, one room, one drawer, one closet at a time.

You will be supported as you sort, decide, discard, save your home full of treasures.

You will be held accountable for you work.

We all know this is a good thing to do -----BUT none of us want to do it.

However, having just experienced my mother's death at 100 and a friend's decision to down size I suggest to you that delaying the work of dealing with our "stuff" does not make it easier.

It is still in the room, still in the box, the storage unit. Waiting.

The class will be Thursdays from 10-11AM at my home or over zoom if you live far.

April 20, April 27, May 4, May 11.

You will have weekly assignments - YES, homework.

Each participant will also receive a 1 hour individual session with me.

After 4 weeks, we celebrate or successes, with a party - and NO gifts - just consummables and laughter.

Celebration May 18

Interested? Ready? Your Gift to those you love is doing this now. And don't think "just leave it to the kids, my friends, I won't have to worry" is a kindness. If it is difficult for us, imagine how difficult it will be for those you love who don't have a clue what to do with all your trinkets, photos, furniture, car, dog, dishes... the list is long.

Email me if you are interested and I will send details.

Cost is $60 for the series.

Imagine what could happen to this treasure?!


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