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The King - Queen - Bears Gifts for 2022

Wow, what a year we have lived through. I have learned that I really miss people.

I have not led any in person(me)workshops and Zoom is not my favorite medium.

I thrive on people, on the interactions and exchanges I have with members of the workshops and classes.

And I have a gift to share with you. Like the Three Kings of ancient times, I am bearing three gifts to my Gifter friends.

I am presenting two workshops at Mastic Senior Center in Alameda.

January 11 Introduction to The Last Gift Box will be led by Tina (me) from 1-3PM on the

Mastic Site, 1155 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda

March 8 The Stuff workshop will take place from 1-3PM on the Mastic Site.

This is a great introduction to how to get all the stuff you have around you, in the garage, in the storage unit, in the basement organized and decisions made as to who gets it, when and how.

Both workshops require registration through Mastic Senior Center office and a $5 fee that is donated to Mastic. Mastic has parking and is located on a bus line. Call 510-747-7500 to register and join us.

As the kings present their gifts, we do too when we complete The Last Gift Box for our families.

To encourage you and thank you for all the support you have shown me I have no magical star to -

BUT I have a SALE.

DECEMBER 30,2021 TO JANARY 6, 2022

THE LAST GIFT BOX, A PRESENT TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW ME including the form is $40 including shipping and tax. Usual price is $45 before tax and shipping.

All Gifters, those people who have bought The Last Gift Box for themselves or a friend in the past 2years (2020, 2021)) can receive a Book of Forms for $15. Ususal price is $25 before tax and shipping.

To receive these gifts, you must email me directly at

To any Gifter who has purchased The Last Gift Box and participated in the COVID Tuesdays with Tina Gifters group, you are invited to have a one on one 30 minute session with Tina. This too, must be reserved by emailing

As we continue on this journey of discovery and desire to leave our family and friends with the tools to care for us, listen to us, remember us, I am excited. Like any journey, a trip takes planning and sometimes it's the anticipation that is as much fun as the trip. I am filled with anticipation as we end this year and dance into the next. What opportunities await? What sights to see? Friends to connect with? Dreams to fulfill? Traveling together we can suppot, laugh, cry and joke at what we discover. Hope you will join me. I' m ready for some new adventures with you.

Stay safe. Enjoy the ending of this season. Be ready for the new one.



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