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I am always trying to find creative ways to share family stories or special relationships as we await the festive meals of the holidays - Thanksgiving especially - but birthdays and Christmas, too. I shared one idea with the Gifters Tuesday morning Zoom chat and am so please to share how my idea was adapted and enriched.

I shared that we (I) have small pieces of paper - 2 inches by 7 inches - at each place at our table. At the top of this paper is a name. This is the place card. Pens are on the table for all to share. While we are having drinks and appetizers, all guests are to independently go around the table and write one thing they admire, love, rememer about the person whose name is at the top. As we all gather, we are each greated with a list of adjectives the family and friends use to describe us. And these place cards always seem to get slipped into pockets and go home with the guests. It's easy. No long toasts. No gifts. Just a simple reminder of why we are important to our family and friends.

My Gifter friend, Shirely, sent me this:


I adapted your idea of a card for each person to write something special at your dinner/event.  For my father-in-law’s 99th birthday party in the patio of his care home, each of the 14 relatives(family including greatgrands) wrote and drew on a 4 x 6 card saying why he is special.  They went into a bag.  Then each person chose one and read it out loud to him and placed it back into for a drawing.  The prize was a Trader Joe’s Turkey Trot gingerbread cookie kit.  Then all the cards were put onto a ring for Grandpa to flip through and enjoy reading. (The cards already had a hole punched in the upper left hand corner.) 

Thanks for the inspiration, Tina!


Now this will become my new plan for Christmas gifts to my 98 year old mom living in assisted living. And in this Covid year I may suggest we include all those missing from the table and send them the card as a reminder of how they are always remembered.

I enjoy how ideas adapt and grow. How would you use this idea for your holiday table or someone's birthday? Please share with us.



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