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Nice to Know YOU!

Writing Blogs, sharing ideas is creative and fun for me.

However, it is so one sided and sometimes I don't even know if I am just chatting away with

the elves living in the bookcase. (my mother told us they were there and to be aware!)

Recently I received this feedback and my spirits soared. How refreshing to know someone

finds the Gift Box as useful as I intended, the forms as helpful as they were planned to be, the ideas helpful in having our conversations with our loved ones.

You, too, can pump new zest and motivation into this older Gifter - share your ideas for improving the book, ideas for topics to cover in workshops, topics not covered that you had

to face when you took care of someone's last wishes. This is an ongoing conversation with no right way to deal with death and dying - just a guidebook to begin your journey.

"Thank you for your truly wonderful book! I’ve had most of the pieces in place for years  - fireproof safe, wills and trusts, living will, list of precious belongings, funeral instructions, list of passwords, etc. - but they were stored here, there and everywhere. And there were things I hadn’t considered, like whom to contact and what to do with the cat! I also really appreciate your tone and attitude in the book and am very much on board with your “transparent” approach with regard to the kids. I am planning to have a few little talks with them when they are here."

I await your ideas.....

Happy Spring.


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