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What a shock. A friend died. Divorced. No children. A one page hand written will. No trust. No directions for the executor. A house filled with three generations of “treasures”. No relatives want anything except the financial settlement. And there was barely a path through the rooms.

Imagine if this was the call you received. How to begin. First probate. That ties things up for awhile. Then clean, paint, stage the house to sell AFTER emptying it, the basement, the garage of all the stuff!

It is doable BUT what a challenge and mess for friends and the executor. The grief over losing someone you love becomes intertwined with the frustration, exhaustion, anger trying to sort out the stuff, the accounts, the pets and guessing the best way to disburse the monetary funds. None of us want to leave our loved ones on this earth, but when we do, and it will happen, guaranteed, I think we would rather they laugh, tell loving stories, cry tears of love for us than shake their heads, have a disgusted feeling and hardened heart at the mess that has to be pieced together.

Some say,” I don’t care. I’ll be dead. My family can do whatever they like.”

True. But after witnessing this challenging situation and listening to the hurt and anger felt by those left to deal with this mess, it’s not THE LAST GIFT I want to leave.

Think about how much you love your family and friends. Sit for a minute and picture them in your mind holding your LAST GIFT, your guide.

Your LAST GIFT BOX is a concrete gift of love.

March 14, 2023


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