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I wrote this well before Covid became the topic of all conversations.

I have been thinking about how different and how the same my life is under the restrictions and worries surrounding this pandemic. I am blessed to have a home

to sequester in, a family that is safe, my health and I am retired. The challenges

facing all of us but especially families with children at home and jobs they hope are

still there in the morning are mounting. And patience is slipping.

When I re-met this poem today I was reminded that none of us have any guarantees when we enter this world. We have no idea if our dreams will be realized, our lives comfortable, our sorrows few.

I am awakened now to the fragility of our comfort here. I am more aware of our need for education and first rate medical care. My life is a gift and I better use it well and share what I can. There is joy to be found in pausing and recognizing the gift. And greater joy in sharing.

What are you doing to share your talents, treasures, humor, comfort? Please tell us

any ideas you have in response here or on the LAST GIFT BOX facebook page. We need ideas from you to get a nudge to do more ourselves.

Stay healthy. Wear your mask.



Life is a challenge

meet it

Life is a gift

accept it

Life is adventure

dare it

Life is sorrow

over come it

Life is tragedy

face it

Life is duty

perform it

Life is a game

play it

Life is a mystery

unfold it

Life is a song

sing it

Life is an opportunity

take it

Life is a journey

complete it

Life is a promise

fulfill it

Life is beauty

praise it

Life is a struggle

fight it

Life is a goal

achieve it

Life is a puzzle

solve it

What is life?

a challenge.


Oct. 6, 1994

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