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We decided to make a trip to Boise, Idaho to deliver furniture and treasures to our daughter and her family. By the time we were safe to leave California, our daughter, son and grandson decided to join the parade. Since we have all been isolating this trip was doable, with masks, gloves and Clorox wipes along for security.

We all made it and converged on the Idaho family. Cousins were ecstatic to see each other, siblings were laughing and we grandparents were smiling ear to ear. It has been a long 7 months since we were together.

No meals out, so cooking and eating at home made it easy for conversations to weave in and out through the evenings. Stories got told. Laughter was loud. Kids were free to run in the yard while we adults kept talking.

Boise has one of the most amazing bike parks we have seen. Asphalt trails, loops, jumps for all levels and dirt bike trails with chilling (to grandmother) dips and rises, jumps and sideways slopes for all level of riders. It is a testament to the Park and Rec and what a city can do with open space. Trails across the hills from one end of the city boundary to the other, much like our East Bay hill trails, make for miles of outdoor fun. The ability to get out doors easily is wonderful.

We faced another milestone on this trip. We gave our 15 year old reliable, wonderful CRV with 200,100 miles on her to our granddaughters. Being the car man he is, Bob had the car fully serviced, updated and like new before he would consider passing it on. Makenzie has the privilege of being the oldest and first to care for “Bertha”. She had to pass her grandfather’s driving test, maintenance test and show him where the service will be done. She passed all tests with flying colors. Watching her behind the wheel of the car that has taken us across and through many states with never a problem was like watching a child leave for college. Another marker on our aging road map. And a pinch of reality that our life is moving right along as are our grandchildren!

We continue to adjust to this new reality of aging in Covid. It has many blessings. Slowing down and acknowledging what is important to us, what brings joy, who do we really want to sit and visit with, what makes us laugh each day, what are we willing to release ( like the “treasures we have gifted our kids recently!)? Our lockdown, as we call it, has motivated us to clean out closets, organize photos, throwing out duplicates or terrible shots, rearranging cupboards, planting our garden so we have summer color. It has been fun as well as amazing to see what we accumulated over the years. We realize too, we are more in need of hugs than we realized. That brings us back to this visit where hugs have been many, giving us the resources we will use returning to our little nest.

What have you learned about yourself while rearranging your life under sequestering?

What do you know for sure you must have each day to be filled with joy?

What activities do you like to do more now than before? Are you walking, cooing, painting, doing puzzles, gardening?

How do you stay connected to friends?

Have you used time to update or complete your LAST GIFT BOX?

Please, please share what you now know for sure - use the Last Gift Box facebook page so we can all learn from each other.

Off for another ride with my granddaughter — into the new reality! Have fun today.

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