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My Mother, an Irish red head with fair skin and blue eyes like a clear spring sky, every afternoon around 5 said, "OH, I must go freshen up for you father and put on my face." Being a child of the 50's and 60's I thought it was sweet but unnecessary. Dad lover her any way she showed up.

Now, in the "high risk older" group facing the new corona virus and being sequestered in my home with a broken ankle, I hear some self love in Mom's words. This moring and last night are not my happiest. My focus is pain not eyebrows. I said aloud to me, skip getting make up on, stying your hair. Who cares? I being as fair and lacking eyebrows and eyelashes like mom have a face that disappears without some added help.

As I hobbled about and did my circus act to get clothes on, I caught sight of the glorious blue spring sky, saw the blush of green new leaves and recognized a beautiful new day. And a new chance to rephrase my Woe is Me attitude of the dawn.

Each day is an opportunity to enrich our lives - until the very day we die. It's a new basket of coices. This or that. Smile or frown. Sing or scream. Give or take.

We are all under stress. We all question our government's preparedness. We all wonder if we will be the to "get it".

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of the pain.

However, our choices amid our stress and fear can give us strength, faith and hope. I can do this today with my "face on". I can, one day at a time, recognize the differences in y old life. I can create small tokens of appreciation for my neighbors, send cards to those sequestered like me. I can be ready for the new day with my new attitude, eyebrows and a smile.

What are you doing to connect and show your face?

Let's share ideas and keep each other motivated to give a little....more.

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