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Deep Pockets

I am on a mission to create a supportive network for all of us who are doing The Last Gift Box work. This is not easy, though I do consider the first part of the book business information we just need to take time to gather and document. It is the second half, How we want to live our lives, how we hope to die and how we wish to be remembered that is challenging. That digs deep into our souls and is an emotional wake up call that we will not inhabit this earth forever - even if we want to.

It really hit me as I was dealing with the preparation for Bob to return home and continue his healing from his latest escapade that I am older. I don't see me as an old lady in my mind's eye, but when the bagger at the store calls me "Ma'am" or the checker at Costco doesn't even question my age when I buy wine I realize the rest of the world does! It must have happened. I grew up and up and up into the upper end of life. Wow. How is that? Will I see my youngest grandchildren graduate from high school? get married? settle into careers? That is a shock to my fragile psyche! Old Age has arrived and I am wearing it in all its glory!

So If that is the case, I am not going to hide out. I am not going to hide my experiences in deep pockets. I have lived and continue to live an exciting life. I have traveled to unusual and spectacular places. I have laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed often. I have friends in many places who are always available to me as I live through incredible joys and challenging pain. I have lived. And so have you.

We have experience, insights, knowledge we can share. We need to share. Our sharing can help another who is trying to navigate the same challenge, be it health issues, kid issues, down sizing, loneliness, death of a loved one, joys of a wedding, birth of a grandchild, dancing at a party. We are able to see the situations from different perspectives in our 60's-70's-80's-90's than we did in our 40's. We may not take the bumps and pains as seriously now, knowing how to survive the intrusion of pain and sorrow from previous experiences. We need to share that insight.

Let's share what we do to bring the zest and joy and determination into our lives. Let's be the elephant that never forgets what happened but keeps carrying on - and on.

Let's find our voices so we hear each other cheering us on.

Tell us how you stay true to your younger, dancing, jumping, sassy self.

Keep the bounce in your step as you go out into the world today, head held high and smile bright. We - you and I - the Grey Hairs -are alive and kicking - and sassy and verbal -- so watch out world.

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