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What propels me as I enter the New Year?

2019 is a year I wish to leave. I learned a great deal this year. I can survive medical challenges to those I love. I can support others as they face life challenges and are fearful. I can speak of the pain of losing people I love. I can help others open up to speak about their choices for their living and dying.

2019 also opened my eyes and heart to the need for us all to ask friends for support when we need it. We’re only alone when we choose to be. I’m terrible about asking for help, but when I do I reap immense benefits. I paid attention to how much easier it is to smile when I feel unsettled or frustrated. It is easier to hold my tongue than prove I am right (even when I know I am). I learned to really, really, really, really trust my gut reaction.

Into 2020 I go propelled by trust, not fear, connections not isolation. I plan to be content with what is, not constantly wishing for what may never be or what was. These I am able to do.

I also have a plan for daily physical workouts, meditating, writing, teaching, mentoring, pausing to look at nature and be joyful. These are in pencil as I have lived the 2019 year of aborted plans and recognize the impermanence of my expectations. 2020 is my year of joy-filled anticipation with erasable expectations.

What propels YOU into your new 365 days, moments you get only once? Realistic jumps into the future or pipe dreams? How do you stay focused on the moment you are in and not worry about the one coming?

Share with us, the GIFTERS, and let’s get started supporting each other through the quandary 2020 will be using all the knowledge we gathered as we flew through and survived 2019!

Reply here, or on The Last Gift Box Facebook page or email me.


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