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Morning Insights

August 15, 2019

I went downstairs to get my cup of coffee and head back to our study to meditate and write, in quiet.

I noticed a few ants by the dink. Opened the cupboard- infested under the kitchen sink where our compost container sits. So much for calm. I spent 45 minutes chasing ants, removing everything from under the sink, taking compost and recycling outside, scrubbing inside the cabinet, smashing ants crawling on me, chasing them where ever they led me around the kitchen and feeling like they were crawling all over me. You ever get that feeling after challenging ants? They are on your arms, feet, in your hair, sneaking up a leg. I became a deliverer of death to the ants.

As I was on this rampage, I thought about all the cycles plants, insects, creatures live. I treasure my garden. A rose appears as a bud and I smile, watch it grow, open in the daylight, and I often pick it to place in a vase on our table so we can enjoy the beauty and fragrance each day. Then a pedal turns brown, drops. More follow. My rose dies.

Watching butterflies I know a caterpillar that I chastised for eating my green leaf became a chrysalis before becoming the glorious butterfly fading colorful beauty to my garden. The butterfly will die in a shot time. It’s the natural, wondrous way of life.

Creation - birth - life- death. Why are we humans so surprised when it happens to us?

It’s the game book of life - the end game being death. I prepare my plants. I care for my puppy, my kitten, helping them grow, knowing one day they will die. Let’s wake up ( not to ants in the kitchen but to our own reality). Enjoy the incredible opportunities in our lives.

Know death will come to us. If we plan, it’s expected. We’re not fearful. We live with joy and die content.

Watch around you today and notice the cycles of life you see -

beginnings , middles and ends.

It’s a trip!

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