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What if You Were Guaranteed an Answer?

I took a chance and sent The Last Gift Box to Maria Shriver, Ellen DeGeneris, Oprah Winfrey. All three of these women have discussed death in their writings or on their shows. I thought they would be interested in another take on death - make a plan for yourself and your family. Of course, I had hight hopes of being a guest on their shows! Reach for the stars, right?

I learned this idea of ask for what you want from my mom, a former actress, TV producer and writer. When our daughter had to do a report on a person she admired, she wanted to interview a well known Bay Area TV newswoman. She asked my mom to help her. Mom was working at a major station at the time. Mom advised her to call, write and ask for the interview. All the person could do was say yes or no. Our daughter took the chance and the results were awesome. She interviewed two dynamic women news anchors, a weather man and a zoo keeper at both the San Francisco and Oakland Zoos. She took the chance.

As I did. And my results were not as dramatic. Oprah’s package was returned with “unknown person” ! Really? Haven’t heard from Ellen. BUT I received a personal note from Maria Shriver that was supportive and friendly. Haven’t been invited to any interviews but at least I know I have gotten two people to look at The Last Gift Box and be aware of what I am trying to do. I took the chance, as Mom suggested, and it was easy. I just had to be ready for a Yes or No.

What would you ask if you weren’t afraid of the answer?

Take a chance. ASK, reach out. All anyone - your spouse, children, parent, friend - can do is say YES or NO.

I say this every blog and posting - BUT I REALLY MEAN IT today.

Share your chance-taking, your no answers, and your yes answers, with us.

We all need the motivation and support to take chances. We are not nuts doing this.

We are dynamic, brave, adventurous, interesting people creating exciting connections.


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