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Fear stops us. Fear is a powerful emotion. Remember Charlie Brown and the Red Headed Girl? He could never speak to her. Fear of rejection. In high school I do know every kid faces fear of humiliation, rejection, awkwardness, shyness, being different, feeling different.

These emotions stay with us. We may think we've matured and incorporated those early experiences into our nature, adult believes. We are confident, poised, articulate, go after what we want. Yet under our bravado, in our gut, I think fear of rejection, looking "less than" still lurks. That's what is causing Gifters to freeze as they work on their Box.

Our brain talk is something like this - my family will really commit me if I share what I am doing. My friends won't talk about this because they are too scared themselves. I don't want to start any trouble. I don't want anyone upset. I fear the kids will fight about my decisions. What will happen when they learn I have no money - or - piles of money? I have no one to talk to.

FEAR. My daughter coined a phrase I find empowering. Turn your fear into fuel. 5 simple words. Say them. Out-loud. Again.

Your fear, my fear, of that old teenage rejection is our new booster fuel. We are mature, intelligent people. We make solid choices every day. We deal with the consequences of our actions every day. We turn fear into fuel every day.

Why stop with a really challenging action? You have the fuel in you.

What is your fear? Figure out where it come from. Is it real or old school fear? How can you harness your fear and create your fuel to make the Best Present You can Give? Get your Box wrapped up.

Email me your fear and your fuel. Let's support our clan of gifters, 1,200 of you strong, with ideas how you work on your Gift. Contact me and I will share your successful strategies. Or share on the Last Gift Box facebook page. We have a clan that contains the fuel to wipe our our fear. Let's use that.

First one to email their success strategies will receive

The Last Gift Box book of Forms - FREE.

When overwhelmed say Erin's phrae in your head. "Turn Your Fear Into Fuel"!

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