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As I ponder how to keep Gifters creating their Box, I am hit with a truth - FEAR.

People ask me to create support help - workshops to help get their box done.

This isn't brain surgery as my dearest son points out to me. Everyone knows somewhere in their heart and mind it's work to be done to spare them and their families the confusion when sickness and death arrive.

I created workshops going over the Gift Box step by step, offerings suggestions on how to begin, continue and tie it up. Done!

Then I created workshops on sections that really tied people in knots!

How to talk to our family about our desires.

How to write your obituary.

how to deal with our life's worth of stuff.

how to plan our memorial and/or funeral.

I realize I am challenged by the requests. I thrive on the creative process developing these workshops, marketing them and especially facilitating them. It's my passion and keeps me learning.

Then I see some of the same people in workshops - 1-2-3-4 times! What am I missing? Dawned on me at 4AM. My son's words ring true.

We all know what we want to get done.

Call the lawyer.

Clean out the basement.

Make a list of who gets what.

But who is holding us accountable? Who is supporting our work?

Probably no one because we DO NOT talk about it.

We, too, are afraid.

This can be overwhelming. We are facing our own slide down the tunnel to death itself. We aren't ready to go there.

Hello! The slide we're on will end and we will joyfully, peacefully enjoy the ride or we will still be frustrated with an unfinished Gift. It's our action to take.

It is my joy to support your efforts. Email me. Let me be your accountability buddy, monthly. Schedule a 1 on 1 consult with me.

You fire my energy core when you reach out. We are in this together!

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