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Are You on Fire?

Does it ever happen to you when you learn something new that all else falls away and you focus intently on the new thing? It has happened to me. I am in a class with a group of YOUNG women entrepreneurs and have learned so many new skills to expand the reach and scope of THE LAST GIFT BOX it makes my head spin. It is exciting, scary, motivating and awesome. My passion is to have most people face their fear of death and fear of talking to their loved ones, fill in the Last Gift Box, talk with their loved ones and then go live their one wonderful life free of worry, pain and sadness.

My passion has grown this summer and the results are awesome. More people are ready to listen to my story, follow my guide, ask the difficult quetions and do this rich work. All because I changed my mind set. I can get you to do this. Have this talk. Ask the tough question. Make decisions. I am opening my mouth and beginning the conversation - Get your Last Gift Box off the shelf, open it, begin - where ever you like - but begin. Next month Chapter 2.

You ready to join with us? I'm here to guide you and support you. Go for it.

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