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It's Summer - Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Can't you feel the change in people's attitudes? School is ending, weather is warming, roses are vibrant, veggies are growing, daylight is longer. There is a smile on faces as people walk along the street. The winter wrap-up, cover-up is replaced with colorful shorts, shirts, flip-flops. There is a sense of freedom.

In reality, we still have work, cleaning, cooking, shopping, commuting, schedules to manage and bills to pay. But a lightness has arrived. An energy is zapping through us. Let's use it.

how long are you willing to postpone your creation of YOUR Last Gift Box?

Use your summer energy to begin, just one chapter. ONE. This month. June.

When complete, email me the ONE chapter you have completed. You will then be entered into the drawing for a 45 minute one on one consultation with me about

how to keep up the energy to do ONE MORE chapter!!


Expect someone to email me JULY 1!

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