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I enjoy Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper. It is online and arrives every Sunday morning in my inbox. One of the more recent ones focused on what is it you, me

Maria, really want to do and are passionate about. Name only 2 things. This is difficult for me as I have interests and passions that scatter me in many directions.

I think that is the point of the focus exercise!

As this writing/question arrived I am also figuring out how to be an active participant in a program I signed up for that is helping me expand my ability to

spread the word about The Last Gift Box. I am not comfortable using social media, doing live videos, but I will persevere. I am ready to focus.

Focusing also requires setting boundaries and saying NO isn't easy. I want to create the amazing programs I see in my mind's eye. To do so I have to focus on my two biggest passions - after my family - my writing and The Last Gift Box becoming a resource for all. To keep these my priorities I need to do what my passions require, no matter what others want from me.

And do it with grace and kindness.

How do you follow your two passions? What is the magic balance?

Please let me know.

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