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"This is today! What will tomorrow bring? Life arrives and departs on its own schedule, not ours; it's time to travel light, and be ready to go wherever it takes us." Meg Wolfe

I have spent the last two months in hospitals with Bob, the patient. His back surgeries - yes, 2 - were successful and rehab went well. Now he is home.

Unable to do the ususal things we take for granted like bending over to put on his shoes, twisting to grab a book, lifting a grandchild for a kiss and hug.

NO BLT - bending, lifting, twisting - for at least 6 probably 9 months.

And we are blessed with incredible medical miracle workers who have him standing tall again and in a year, walking on his own, upright and proud.

In between is the unknown. How will I react as nurse ( bless them, they keep hospitals running), doctor, drill sergeant, cook, hey you girl? This was not in our plans. Are your plans set in your mind? Forget it. I keep reminding you all that Life has a funny way of showing us who is in charge - and surprise - it is not you and I. Are you ready for whatever arrives? Can you imagine the disruption in your plans? If you are 30 what if you don't get that job you want? If you are 50 who says you will hike the John Muir Trail? If you are 65 are you sure you will be able to retire as you plan? WE DON'T KNOW.

And we don't know when or how we will die. I know, I'm on my soap box but it is clearer and clearer to me that having our exit plans made and the hard discussions happen is a way to manage the twists and turns life will deliver.

That said, it is great to be home, in spring time, with the garden blooming and the sun shining. Revitalizing me - us - until the next detour from my plans occurs.

Let me know if I can help you complete your Gift Box.

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