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Reality can Wack you when you least expect it!

Sorry to have been gone for so long. My husband is in the hospital, entered for a two part surgery on Wednesday after a rescheduling adventure that had us racing to get ready. He had one surgery and due to some unexpected reactions his second surgery is on hold- for a week or six! The lesson, don't write your schedule in ink!

While we await the clearance for the second surgery I am spending my time chatting with wonderful young smart, young dynamic, young fun, young bold, young brave, young compassionate nurses. As we share our stories together they are amazed at the adventures Bob and I have had during our married life. They are also awed by the years we have been married. To them we are the elders. We both shared that we took advantage the when opportunities arose. We traveled by car and with a tent when we were young and had restricted budgets. And we had so much fun showing our children all 50 states. We relish the memories and the stories that get everyone laughing.

It is a good thing we did hitch ourselves to travel and adventures wherever they took us because at this moment we do not know what Bob will be doing with his reconstructed self. You know this story. We all know this story. We read about it, we see it on the Hallmark specials. It's in THE LAST GIFT BOX.

Do not wait for a bucket list. Do not wait to take advantage of the gifts offered you.

See your world even if it is in your own small town. Look at the sunsets. Get up early and look at the morning sky. View the magic of a sunrise. Have a good laugh. Visit your friends - now! Enjoy a good meal at home or out. Make sure the people you love know you love them. Say it out loud.

Be ready for anything that comes your way. This a roller coaster life. It is not a flat line. We all need to be ready for the bumps that arrive so please take out that LAST GIFT BOX. Fill it in. Share it with your family and loved ones. When complete put it away and go live your marvelous only life.

Who would have guessed I'd be in another country feeding


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