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I am realizing that I do not view this stimulating work and thinking about my death the same way my husband does. I am willing to get into the deep recesses of my mind and really figure out how I feel about dying, being remembered by my nearest and dearest, where I want to be laid out, who is to speak at my memorial.

On and On, I go. I am into feeling, reality, planning.

My dearest husband, a compassionate man with a wide range of experience, is the protector. He is a problem solver even if you don't need him to solve YOUR problem. He is into the whys, the cures, the fixes.

He can not cure death, fix death, nor can he fully understand why someone dies when they do.

As a female nurturer, caregiver, I focus on taking care of everyone in my clan, supporting their decisions (with less intrusion than I use to give), giving them space to talk with me about their worries about death.

I also do not understand the whys of death, especially of the young, but I tend to be more willing to let the universe guide me rather than me rant at the universe.

Is this resonating with any of you? Is it easier for you women to bring this up and get the men in your life "working" on the business of The Last Gift Box?

Is it easier for you to discuss your funeral/memorial, who gets the stuff?

Men, am I missing something? How do you, not my husband or son, prepare for

dying? How do you discuss the topics in The Last Gift Box?

We all learn how to do life from our families and especially parents and grandparents. Who taught you about death? dying? remembering?

Please share your thoughts with me. Pondering this with a pile of books, a laptop and notes leaves much to be desired!

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