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Growing Old is the Adventure - How's Your Travel?

"Life's a ride

You've gotta buy a ticket,

hang on tight

and keep going around

'til they kick ya off."


I'd like to inform all the younger folks I run into that I have my ticket,

I am hanging on tight and I am not getting off - Yet!

There are moments when this getting older adventure gets a bit frustrating.

A few examples:

I can not climb up on the ladder and balance a large platter and climb down

I can't open a jar without help

My back gets inflamed when I dig in the dirt for a few hours

I have a difficult time standing up from playing on the floor with my grandchildren - I have to roll over like a bug and get on my knees to get up

I have no clue what to do to stay ahead of the computer updates

I like my land line

I like to get a note in the snail mail mailbox

I sip my tea in a tea cup

I recognize it is little thing that become frustrating - and looking back, it has always been the little things that frustrated me - but they seem bigger now.

What may be changing is my reality.

Any of you have these feeling? Is your reality in conflict with your mental picture of what you can still do? How do you continue to keep adventuring, riding the ride? Let me know.

My decision is to keep holding on to my ticket, grab tight, and enjoy the ride.

And maintain my sense of humor, never let it get used up.

Hope you're with me.

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