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The workshops that support Gifters -

my new name for the 1200 people who own THE LAST GIFT BOX -

have been incredibly successful.

The Introduction

gets people to open the book and motivates them to begin - and complete - their gift.


supports Gifters as they decide how to share all their treasures (their possession that are all around them from kitchen to storage unit), how to discuss their decisions with their family, how to be sure valuable items don't get sold in garage sales and how to just begin the process - one drawer at a time.

There are more workshops coming and the names are tantalizing (to me!).

Please give feedback. My family is growing tired of my requests for them to

share their reactions to my ideas on preparing for death and dying.

Workshops that are being scheduled and will be held throughout the year.

All 2 hours. All include assignments to complete in 2 hours.

All include food and drink and humor. All cost $40.00

The Coffin Club -

How do you want your body treated? How much are you willing to spend?

What are your options? Who have you chosen to follow your wishes?

Funeral Fun

Plan your funeral/memorial while having fun.

You plan parties, gatherings. This is one big party - or is it?

What music do you want, readings, ceremonies?

Where will it be held? Who is invited?

Do you feed them?

Provide drink? mementos?

Obituary Oddities

Write your own obituary in 2 hours

How do you want to be remembered?

Who should be included?

Education, career, awards?

Read some good ones, serious ones, funny ones, loving ones.

Create yours so you get said what you want and your loved ones don't have to figure it out.

Tantalizing Testimonials

Who is speaking about you at your funeral/memorial?

What would you like them to focus on?

Stories to share, traditions to share, adventures to share?

Interesting opportunities for you to complete a section of your Gift Box - and make the future so much easier for those you love.

email me to sign up, check the website fo dates-

and for goodness sake, send feedback.

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