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I awaken often in the middle of the night, usually at 2AM and my brain is whirling. Ideas are jumping around wanting life, they want to be put in black and white on paper. And they are relentless, chattering at me until I get up, pay attention and assure them I will remember their words at a more civilized time and write them down.

There are rare mornings when I give in, creep to my desk and begin to jot down the fascinating, unique, brilliant ideas that pulled me off my pillow.

I know this is not a unique experience. I would like to explore how you go from the idea phase to the write it down in ink list phase. What tricks do you use to remember the ideas hours later, when the coffee is hot, poured and the rays of light are creeping in the window. If we all shared how to save these rich lists of wisdom we learn in our sleep world I wonder what we could accomplish in our awake world.

I am serious here.

Please share with all of us Gifters ( we are GIFTS as much as the book is our GIFT to those we love) your secrets, tricks, tools to keep your ideas alive.


just email.

I will gladly post all ideas so we can support each other.

Then we can go take a nap.

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