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We are into week two of the new year - another New Year. They keep coming and I keep making plans, often the same ones from last year. Ever happen to you? (Please say yes!)

I decided today to make a list of all the wonderful tidbits I have collected and am sharing them with you. These are comments, ideas, words, I read to myself to get motivated and energized to do what I say I want to do.

Examples of such things? you ask?

Writing blogs - I mentally write them daily, like the successful bloggers with thousands of followers. I have marvelous ideas and funny experiences to share. Brilliant. Well written.

Leaves the reader wanting more.

That is in my head. The day begins and I think all day I will get this marvelous idea transformed from my brain to my web page. And another day arrives. And again the ideas flow to remain only in my grey matter.

Does this happen to anyone else? Of course.

Do you chastise yourself for not finding time?

I’m good at that. How can I not find the 30 minutes to execute my writing?

Or my sketching? Or my sewing? Or my reading? Or my laundry - oops, somehow I do find time for the laundry, the meals, the shopping, the cleaning. Wonder why.

Let’s try to follow some of these ideas together and achieve the successes we are striving for.

AND email me, please, how you do this.

“Don’t devalue the work you do if you are not paid.”

Be patient with yourself. Wait. Take time for yourself. Others can wait for you.

Be persistent. Men continue to ask.

“no” means find a different way to do what you need to succeed.

Don’t be afraid of rejection. It could help us see our desired goal more clearly.

“I said that 10 minutes ago. What was it about the way I said it that didn’t wok for you guys?”

Document your achievements.

Simple does not mean easy!

Pay attention to your bias. Is it easier for him? her? the only child? the single parent ?

and from a woman I admire - Amelia Earhart

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act; the rest is merely tenacity.”

To 2019 being the year of our tenacity!

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