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Today - YOUR new day!

"This is today! What will tomorrow bring?

Life arrives and departs on its own schedule,

not ours:

it's time to travel light,

and be ready to go wherever it takes us."

Meg Wolfe

It's your day to begin creating YOUR gift.

The latest participants in the "Stuff" workshop have this to say.

"There has definitely been progress-

and there has been strength in numbers-

Thanks for the support, Tina!

...and everyone else in the trenches too.

you are exactly what we eed-

someone to 'intrude' on our lack of focus!!"

so says Rita who managed to clean a dresser,

make a space in the garage and discuss the treasures

with her children, finding out what they would like.

Why not join a Gift Box Workshop on the Stuff to get you

motivated and supported on this journey.

Go to the website and sign up. I'm here, happy to support you

for the first 6 months of your journey after your 2 hour workshop participation.

Month seven we celebrate our successes!

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