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What are YOU thinking?

Gilda Radner, woman wonder of comedy,

said it to us last night on a feature about her life.

"I brought imperfection to your life."

Wow. That is my newest motto.

My husband, partner, buddy, friend is the man of perfection.

From the day we met I was less obsessed, less rigid, less "right".

We have managed to survive this contrasting view of the world

for almost 50 years.

Even my new passion of getting all of you to create a Gift Box,

deal with your house/appartment/condo/nest full of treasures

and where they are to go, is from a different point of view.

I see this as getting going, not necessarily doing it all perfectly.

Just start. Feel success. Begin again. It is a gift, not a Ph.D thesis.

Perfectionists attempt a task with the goal of getting it done- NOW.

NOW is not always possible with a large task.

Taking pieces and tackling them is a way to get the entire project completed.

Like the Last Gift Box, The Best Present We Can Give, gets completed when

we begin on chapter. Complete it. Do the next. A piece at a time. Not perfect.


Remember Guida. She makes me laugh. She reminds me -

"I brought imperfection to your life."

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