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Find Your Moxie!

"One must possess a little Faith, a little moxie and a great deal of enthusiasm."

This is so true if you wish to keep your life in control during the rush, over-scheduling, multi-tasking that the holiday season can become. How do we sustain our idea of a holiday with calm, joyful days?

One way, I think, is to renew what we want from this time. It is the season of gifting - and receiving. I think it is a gift to ourselves to remember it is best to bring joy to others and have treasures around us that bring us joy. None of us

need "stuff". Remember those storage units we chat about?

If you are not filled with joy shopping for others or baking or entertaining, pause and assess. Where did your pleasure in the season go? Where is the fun?

We do not need to be Hallmark Cards, but we do need to take an inventory of

how we are dealing with the stress and assumptions we have about this season.

Please let me know your tricks to keeping your moxie while you get the holiday tasks completed so we can all share and be enthusiastic about the joy that is the season.

Email me. I'll compile a list, like Santa, only this will be a list of how to keep the Faith it will all get done, keep our moxie in positive mode and have an enthusiastic bounce in our steps as we count down to our celebrations.

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