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Congratulations to the ORIGINAL "Stuff Workshop" participants.

They have been sticking to the contract they signed at the end of their workshop,

agreeing to check in each month for 6 months and honestly sharing the big- and

little achievements accomplished. The group has supported each other with the

job of sorting, deciding, discarding the treasures in their homes. This includes

closets, drawers, basements, garages, desks, boxes, piles - you get the picture.

On January 7 they will gather for a celebration. This is hard work, timely work, emotional work and they did it. Each home may not be totally organized, children may not have picked up the treasures they want now, some rooms may not have been completed - BUT THEY BEGAN AND WORKED TOGETHER FOR 6 MONTHS.

Each month they received an email from me as a friendly reminder they had to check in and report progress. I also shared ideas to try to make the job doable.

I am proud to say we all motivated one another and supported one another.

I know they will share their tales with you after they receive their completion certificates and treats!

Join in next time. You, too, can get the chaos organized, sorted, discarded.


You should see the boxes of books

donated and gifted. Room to breathe


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