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Why, oh Why is there NO time?

Do your ever have these incredible discussions with yourself, sure you will remember the entire conversation so you can share the insights or write them down?

I hope so because I do not want to be alone in this. I have written in my head daily blogs, updates, creative pushes to get others interested in what to do with their life and death planning and then I don't make the time to stop and write them down. Notice I did not say "find the time". There is time even last week when we were with our three granddaughters in Boise, participating in all the Halloween preparations, attending one's community theater play, another's soccer party, the youngest's Halloween party. Full days, yes, great ideas, yes, make time, NO. It is so easy to say there was no time but looking back I realize I could have sat and written for 10 minutes each day and no one would have missed me.

I know it is the same with the Last Gift Box. NO TIME. We, Bob and I, even have parts to complete. I realize we have said for a month we will decide how we want to be treated when we die. What to do with our bodies.

Really? We made NO time in the last 31 days? Or were we great at procrastinating when considering the discussion? Think that is the main reason.

So, my friends, figure out what it is that stops you. What is it that scares you about completing a section of the Last Gift Box? What information do you still need to gather? Who do you need to talk to? What is you WHY you can not do the task?

Once you figure out what your block is, face it. Conquer the fear. Turn that fear into fuel. Light your fire. Get going. If you do not the task will be there challenging you next week, next month, next year. You will feel the weight of the unfinished Gift.

I'll make a deal with you. I'll get this decision made, written up, paid for and publicly let you know the date it is done. But you have to do the same.

Email me what fear you faced and turned into fuel. We each have a month!

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