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Can you believe how long it has been since you purchased you copy of The Last Gift Box?

I'm not trying to bug you, but have you opened it? Written in it? Talked to your family about it? Cleaned out one dresser? Picked an executor?


kept the book nice and clean and safe on the shelf?

Knowing that most of you will answer that your copy is not very well used I wanted to connect with you to share new ways I can serve you.

I have new workshops that support our work on The Last Gift Box.

You may want to consider attending one to jump-start your GIFT.

If you cannot physically attend, let me know. I am planning virtual workshops for the New Year.

Hot Topics to address in a workshop -

1. How to deal with all the "stuff"

This involves a contract to share monthly with the group your successes in organizing, discarding, gifting what is in your home - including the garage!

And rental storage units!

2. Do I need an obituary or do I even want one?

I need help writing mine.

3. Where can I find information on casket or cremation options? (there are many)

4. Are there good ways to talk to my children and friends about what I want?

5. What services are available to help me organize and downsize?

6. How do I store my Last Gift Box information?

Who do I share this information with?

If any of these topics strike you as what you need to re-energize yourself to open your book, please let me know. And if you have topics that you would like to explore with others - topics that stump you - let me know that too.

Watch the website for the dates of the new workshops.

Email me with your interest.

Let's keep the conversations alive!


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