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Work - It's All Work

We work to live long lives, eat right, exercise, don't do too much fun stuff with alcohol or have too many replacement part surgeries.

Then it's hard work to die. How can I exit peacefully, quickly, painlessly, with my bills paid, will done, my plot selected?

When I wrote The Last Gift Box and had 100 copies printed I was sure my kids, who already considered me a bit insane, would find the copies in the basement when I died. They would use them for kindling or just recycle them.

None of us imagined the nerve this book hit. Today 1200 copies have sold.

Amazing, right?

Reread that.

I wrote SOLD, not completed.

Now to get you all into the Hall of Fame for completing The Last Gift Box is my mission. It's work. It's organization. It's conversation. It's hard.

And it is DOABLE - one section at a time.

I am creating a club with Honorary Degrees in FOFAD -

Facing Our Fears About Death.

There is one requirement to attend the annual Awards Banquet.

Complete the Course. Complete the Last Gift Box.

You must email me when you are done your course work and

I will send you a diploma and add your name to the banquet list.

This banquet will be a blast, better than any you have ever attended.


Become a FOFAD!

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