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And the Winning Tombstones are...

There are many ways to be remembered. I know it's odd, but I do enjoy walking in cemeteries and reading tombstones. There is so much history and so many fascinating stories. Clusters of families who came west. Towns devastated by an epidemic. And fun quotes that reflect the person's sense of humor.

There is no need to have a memorial marker. No requirement to let the future generations know you walked this earth. If you happen to be interested in genealogy you would like most of us to leave some account of our being on this planet. And you can decide what is to be said on your marker. If you are sure what you want to be noted for or how to really spell your name, be sure to write out what you want and leave it in your Gift Box. How else will we know?

I like Roy Rogers gravestone.

The Cowboy's Prayer

O Lord, I reckon I'm not much just by myself.

I fail to do a lot of things I ought to do.

But Lord, when trails are steep and passes high,

Help me to ride it straight the whole way through.

And when in the falling dusk I get the final call,

I do not care how many flowers they send-

Above all else the happiest trail would be

For You to say to me, "Let's ride, My friend."


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