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I had a most wonderful experience. I spent 3 days with my 3 sisters, away from home, away from or families, away from our mom, away from our brothers. This is

the first time in our lives we have been away together with no other people. It was


I am the oldest by 8, 10, 12 years than the sisters that followed me. Our brothers filled in the gap. As we laughed and chatted one of us would mention a family experience and I would look at them blankly. They would remind me I wasn't there. I had already left home. Or I would ask if they remembered when I had this job or went on this trip and they would laugh and remind me they were 6, 8 , 10 and had no memory of what I was doing.

I know that we sometimes assume our family shares all our memories. When I talk to my sisters about my planning in the Last Gift Box, their reactions vary based on

their memories about how our family discussed inheritance, health care, funerals, death. All our reactions are fine, correct, real AND can be confusing because we assume we share the same history.

This is what happens with our own family as we begin the discussion for The Last Gift Box we are creating for them. They all have varied memories.

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