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What's Yours?? Excuse, that is.

We all have excuses to not do things. We are finally having our kitchen and family room floors redone. This required packing up cases of books, removing art, moving furniture, setting up a kitchen in the basement and upstairs bathroom. It is a massive job - for me - my strapping, strong husband is still in recovery and can not lift or move anything over 5 pounds.

What possessed us, you ask? We have had excuses not to get the floors, warped from a water leak, redone because we know the work and mess involved. We have done this before. Live with it seemed easier, until the day Bob looked at the calendar and realized we would be home for a long stretch as he heals. Action.

I'd like to suggest you consider what your excuses for not working (notice I did not say completing) on getting your STUFF organized, donated, gifted, at least looked at. Compare this list to your excuses and think about what stops you.

Fear of the topic

No time

Already know what I am doing with everything

I have too much stuff.

My children

My partner

No one in the family will talk about it with me

No one is available to help me

I can't attend at Stuff Workshop -

I can't pay for a workshop

I can't bear to let go of any of my treasures

My family doesn't want any of the family artifacts

Who would want this stuff?

Don't know where to donate

I'm embarrassed at my piles

This list could continue until I am long gone and the treasures you and I have are mildewed!

My answer to all these excuses?

Simple does not mean easy.

We all make time for what we want, know is important.

Thanksgiving dinner doesn't just happen!

You know this. Schedule time to begin your organizing.

Schedule time for this - write it in your calendar - like you do your haircut.

But do begin before you are forced to.

Please email me how you get over the procrastination talent we all have.

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