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Labor - work toward completion.

Labor conjures many things to me. I see in my mind's eye, people bent over rows of lettuce, working to keep them healthy so they can arrive at my produce market. I see my mom crating meals over and over and over to watch us inhale them and ask to be excused. I see myself laboring to bring my children into this world from their cozy, watery cocoon, quickly forgetting the labor and looking in deep and profound love at this wee one who faces me.

Labor is two fold. There is the work that must be done to achieve the joyous sense of completion at the end. I know that is the mixed blessing of The Last Gift Box - gathering information, making heart wrenching decisions, talking about my dying is labor intensive.

And once I have completed the GIFT for my family and me, my sense of relief, joy, peace fills my being. My days are fuller, the sun shines brighter, the stars sparkle more clearly. I am ready to burst forth and live my life from now to the end knowing I did my best for those I love.

Complete the circle.

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