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FEAR is the partner we live with. Fear can speak to us quietly, stop our feet from moving, blow us over. Fear can also energize us to lift a car, dive into a stormy ocean, run into a fire --- to save our children, dog, partner.

Fear also stops us from talking to our family about our death wishes.

What will they think? I have a death wish? They won't talk about it with me.

I will scare them. I'll skip this talk today. I have time.

Really? You know your exit date?

What is your fear?

What is it you want to share?

What is the worst thing that could happen?

What do you really want?

Sit quietly.

Write these questions on a piece of paper and look at them.

Think about them.

Ponder what your family will look like when you gather them to discuss your answers.

What will you do to addresss their fears? And yours?

Write your thoughts down - in pencil.

This is a work in process.

Leave it.

Go for a walk. Clean. Wash the car. Garden. Watch a movie.

Revisit your paper a few days later.

Do you have new insights?

Do you have new fears?

Add these to the list.

After a few weeks, you have your plan.

And with your fear sent to the hinter lands, you now have a date to set with your family. You know what you will say.

Be fearless - You can do this - and they will surprise you with their responses.

Let me know how this plan works for you. Share your experience on the website so we all can learn. Or email me. I appreciate all feed back.

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