When you're in the sh__ __ up to your neck

there's nothing left to do but sing.

Sammuel Beckett

We all have times that challenge our beliefs, our love, our health, our future, our plans, our humor. Challenges arrive for a reason I have decided. I don't want to begin the "Organ Recital" but I think we, Bob and I, could win the blue ribbon for surgeries, medical challenges our family has faced and continues to deal with.

Challenges provide two choices: deal with it, face reality and get out of bed and face the day - or - complain, mope, cry, complain, pull the covers up and hide. The sh_ _ is still waiting.

Accomplish one thing each day that works in the new reality. People are watching and that one accomplishment becomes two, three, a month's worth. You are their role model for how to deal with adversity.

I do follow Sammuel Beckett's advice. I work in my garden and sing, sometimes loudly, sometimes along with the music. I sing as I fold laundry. I sing very loudly in the car as I maneuver traffic. I get energized, escape in my mind to other places, plan how to revamp my plans to accommodate the new normal.

Singing is a terrific language to use to move us over the pile of poop!

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