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Wish There Was a Guide To Facing Challenges!

I found this write up and it strikes me as a good way to face the realities of challenges. My husband is recovering from his second open heart surgery - and neither were for blockages. He is a unique man for sure. And has unique health problems. Not in our plans, but his determination and resilience are motivators for us both. Enjoy these words by Marci -

"In our lives, there are times when we face a hardship that we do not think we can bear. We wonder 'Why?' and we look for a reason to help make sense of it all. Sometimes all we can do is try to come to a place of acceptance and reach out to others who understand what we've been through. Often it is then - as we share our wisdom, strength, and hope - that we get a small glimpse of a larger plan... one that enables us to feel that shows us that love blesses the giver and receiver...and one that allows us to see how really strong we are."

Amazing how strong we can be.

What strengths have you discovered within yourself that you had no idea existed?

Let us all know.

Emerson and I balanced this HEAVY door on the stroller and go it all the way home!

Who would have guessed?

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