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Antiquated? Maybe Not!

On our recent adventure with our granddaughters we took them to Askeaton, the second oldest town in Ireland. Still standing are the ruins of a 1389 Franciscan Friary and ancient remains of Askeaton Castle used by Kights Templar and dating from 1199. A river runs through the small village and a one lane bridge provides passage for cars and people from one side of town to the other. It is a living museum, a step back in history, a reminder of things past.

But this ancient Irish town is also a living place with active pubs, residents spanning in age from baby to antique, flowers blooming in pots, people strolling the narrow streets, a school, churches, grocery. It lives. It continues to support life.

Reminds me of other people and places I know. When I look in the mirror there is an older white haired woman whose face shows the wrikles of time.

But -

She sparkles with anticipation for the colorful adventures that still await her.

How do you see youself?

How do you keep from being antiquated ?

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