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I am reading an interesting book I do recommend:


A new take on what to do with aging parents - that being us!

and our parents.

Miss Norma is a 90+ year old mom with terminal cancer who decides against treatment. Her husband of 67 years has just died. Her son and daughter-in-law have arrived for their yearly visit.

Sounds depressing. Miss Norma fixes that. Her son invites her to go with them on their travels around the country - in a Winnebago. Her eyes light up and she says "Yes, let's go".

The true story witten from the perspective of the son and daughter-in-law is a treat. The unexpected joys the 3 adults share is another wake up call.

Nursing Homes need a redo.

Who says we have to play by the rules of the medical community, the neighbors, the senior center, AARP, our friends. WE need to be bolder and creative in how we want to live our final years. Don't get boxed into "dear old Mom sitting quietly, looking out the window."

Dear Old Mom may want a joy ride, a running companion, a piano teacher. No matter her physical state, she may be ready for new adventures. ( She being us)

We need to be creating the "new normal". If it can be done in government, it certainly can be done for we grey foxes.

Enjoy the rest of summer traveling with Miss Norman. Start planning your trip and pack your bags!

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