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Toss. Turn. Sleep, COME!

The big one is coming. Are we ready? Earthquake kits are refreshed, water stored. Oh no. BBQ is out of fuel. Oh, can't light a fire anyway. A gas leak could be in the area and fire would cause an explosion. Guess cooking pasta is out. Must have a neighborhood meeting. On no. The kids are coming. I must ge the Gift Box out and talk with them before it is too late!


Just go back to sleep.

Does this ever happen to you? My mind, supposedly resting, is all over the map at 3AM. My desire to sleep gets way laid by something else - ideas.

I just want sleep. Ideas can wait.

Ah, but the other side of this is my mind is working! It is still with me being creative, helpful, even useful. I'm definitely alive.

But I wish I'd get that message at 7 or 8 AM.

What are your tricks to getting back to sleep with a creative brain on full speed ahead? Please share.

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