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Holy Cow! Life can change on a dime.

Wonderful old expressions that capture my current life experience.

We had a fabulous European trip with our eldest granddaughters to 3 capitols of their choosing. We were gone three weeks arriving home on July 2. July 3rd their family and dog arrived to retrieve them and visit. July 4th was filled with parades, fireworks and friends. July 6 my husband celebrated is birthday. July 8th my mom celebrated 96 wonderful years of living. July 9th my husband had planned open heart surgery. July 17 the visiting family and dog left in the morning and he came home in the afternoon to fully heal and recover his strength.

And here we are.

So from ooooohing and ahhhing at canal houses, VanGoghs, Parliaments, castles and glorious cliffs on the west coast of Ireland we are oooohing and ahhhing incisions, doctors' talents and the pleasure of our own beds.

We prepared for both of these journeys in Rick Steves detail. And both were incredibly successful. The planning was the key ingredient to calm, easy, happy travels and hospital stays. Being prepared gave us security to deal with the unexpected - and the unexpected always occurs.

On different with our death journey, though we do not have our exact travel dated.

We still can organize, get our "documents/passports" ready, give our plans to those interested, pack (organize your stuff!). Then relax and enjoy the journey.

Our travels were another reminder of what we all can do to make our life's journey enjoyable for all.


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